Sushi Hidden Fish is dedicated to the creation of authentic Japanese cuisine here in Montreal. As the one and only Kaiseki Omakase, we are committed to offering you the best experience in our restaurant. In Japanese, omakase comes from a phrase meaning “I trust you, chef.” This is similar to a tasting menu, where our chef is entrusted with providing you a delicious array of options, different every day! Kaiseki, on the other hand, is a Japanese term that indicates the highest quality of fine dining, a multi-course meal made with top-of-the line ingredients and beautiful plating. 


The chef’s carefully control the aging process of the fish-an essential part of making sushi just caught fish is not always ideal for being eaten immediately as sushi, different fish require different methods of refrigeration and storage for ideal preservation and taste.

Where It All Started

November 1987

Chef Haruo Ogruro began working in Japanese cuisine. It has been over 33 years now, and Chef Haruo is committed to providing his guests with the highest quality of Japanese cuisine.

Breaking Records

April 1992

Chef Haruo Ogruro received his official license, which allowed him to prepare, cook, and serve blowfish. He is the first person in Montreal to acquire a blowfish license from the government! A Japanese delicacy, blowfish (or Fugu in Japanese), is a prestigious dish that can only be prepared with a special license. The reason for this is the poisonous elements of the fish, which necessitate skilled and careful preparation. Only chefs like Haruo Ogara, with over three years of special training, are permitted to prepare this type of dish.

Creating the Hidden Fish Team

May 2009

In 2009, Chef Haruo Ogruro partnered with Jack Roka, his partner ever since. This created the foundation of the Sushi Hidden FIsh team that is working hard to bring Japanese cuisine to Montreal today.

Bringing Our Passion to You

October 2020

Our team is passionate about the art of cooking, and we are all looking forward to greeting you at Sushi Hidden Fish to create an unforgettable experience for you, your friends, and family. Opening soon, we will be offering delicious take out meals for you to enjoy at home with your family and friends.

Hard Work Brings Us Here!!

Our Success Story

1233 Rue de la Montagne,
Montreal, QC
  • Sunday to Wednesday: 5 pm - 10 pm
  • Thursday to Saturday: 5 pm - 11 pm

+1 (514) 419-1319